What is a Custom Extrusion?

Rectangular bar, square bar, angle, channel, tubing, any size shape, can be a custom extrusion.

Custom Extrusion Information

  • All custom extrusions are subject to inquiry only.
  • Standard alloys – 6061, 6063.
  • Length of 72 inches and greater do not carry any special cutting charge.
  • Each custom extrusion will have a die cost. This price will very greatly depending on the complexity of the custom extrusion.
  • Custom extrusion die drawing must be signed off by you, our customer, before the mill will proceed with making the die.
  • Lead times do vary from 5 – 6 weeks to 10 – 12 weeks (all lead times are subject to change.)
  • Custom extrusion minimum order amount may vary from 500# to 5000#.
  • Material cost will vary.
  • Any standard size extrusion can be run to custom lengths.
  • Custom extrusions can have special packaging – paper interleave, fiber box or shrink wrap.
Custom Aluminum Extrusions Supplier

How the Process Works

Customers will provide ERICKSON METALS with the following:

  • Amount needed (feet or pounds.)
  • Lengths wanted (different length same item – mill minimum each length.)
  • Any special packaging.
  • Any critical surfaces.
  • Special finishes (anodizing, painting.)
  • End use (general.)
  • Alloy and temper wanted.

ERICKSON METALS will provide the customer with the following:

  • Estimated weight per foot.
  • Estimated weight per length.
  • Die cost.
  • Lead time (after die drawing is signed off.)
  • Cost of material price per pound or by the length.
  • Estimated number of lengths per mill run.
  • Minimum amount per order (mill minimum per custom length.)
Custom Aluminum Extrusions Services

Whatever It Takes

All of Erickson Metals’ employees are empowered to pursue a “Whatever It Takes” philosophy. We support an atmosphere of consistent betterment in communications, creativity, teamwork and mutual respect. By working together, we can develop and maintain partnerships with our customers and suppliers to improve all aspects of business, including efficiency on all levels, excellent responsiveness, and fast turnaround times.

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