What is the Difference Between Aluminum Piping and Tubing?

The biggest difference between the two is their intended use. Tubes are widely used as structural products while pipes can be pressure tested and are commonly used to convey material.

Types of Tubes & Pipes

Extruded Tube & Pipe, formed by hot extruding through a die, is available as a seamless or structural grade product. Seamless is extruded over a mandrel utilizing a hollow billet and is the only tubular product recommended for a pressure applications. The structural product is extruded over a bridge or porthole die and will contain weld seams that are evident if anodized. Erickson Metals stocks seamless pipe and tube in standard inventory sizes. Structural products for non-critical applications are available on inquiry.

Drawn Tube, a seamless extruded tube is brought to final size by drawing through a die. Closer size tolerances and thinner wall thicknesses than that of extruded tube are available.

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Non-Heat Treatable Alloys

3003 Drawn tube has excellent resistance to chemical attack and is a frequent choice in the manufacture and design of chemical equipment. Workability and weldability are excellent. Meets Federal specification WW-T-700/2 and ASTM B210. 3003-H14 drawn tube conforms to AMS 4067.

Heat Treatable Alloys

2011 extruded seamless tube for hollow screw machine parts. Where the machinability of 2011 is desired and the metal removal from solid bar stock is great, hollow 2011 screw machine stock can often be the most cost effective way to produce the part. Produced to ASTM B210.

2024 Drawn seamless tubing for superior strength tubular applications. 2024-T3 drawn tube conforms to Federal specifications WW-T-700/3, Type 1 as well as ASTM B210.

6061 Tubing and pipe, with approximately double the strength of 3003-H14, has widespread mechanical application. 6061 has good workability and corrosion resistance and is readily weldable by all methods. 6061-T6 drawn tube conforms to Federal specifications WW-T-700/6, ASTM B210 and AMS 4082. 6061-T6 extruded seamless tube conforms to AMS QQ-A-200/8, ASTM B221, and AMS 4150. 6061-T6 seamless pipe conforms to MIL-P-25995.

6063 Tubing and pipe is highly corrosion resistant with good workability and weldability. Finish is pleasing and is suitable for anodizing. Used primarily for architectural applications. (Drawn tube T832 used for furniture applications.) 6063-T832 drawn tube conforms to AMS QQ-A-200/9. 6063-T6 seamless pipe conforms to MIL-P-25995.

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