Efficient Slitting Services

If your Stamping process or parts manufacturing requires less than standard-width coils, precision slitting can slit-to-width custom width coils to allow best yield for parts and use with your equipment.

Our Slitting Process

Precision coil slitting at Erickson Metals can process master coils cut to our customers’ close tolerance width specifications from 1.00” to 47.50”, with maximum outside diameters to 64-inches. Alloys offered 3003, 5052, 6061 (subject to availability).


  • Custom slitting methods that do not compromise the material’s integrity.

  • A range of gauges and widths, with each job cut to your specifications.
  • Our processing technique includes use of solid cutting knives, each ground and sharpened for consistent results.

  • A turnkey solution: After the material is slit, we recoil and package it according to your standards.

Aluminum Slitting Company

Tightly Wound Coils

Erickson Metals’ precision slitting can process coils cut to our customers’ close-tolerance width specifications from 1-inch to 47.50-inches, with maximum outside diameters to 64-inches. Inside diameter is kept to standard 20-inches and will accommodate most commercial applications. Erickson Metals does not offer toll slitting or re-coiling of other companies’ material – you can be assured that our slitting equipment is calibrated and maintained for use only with the high-quality material that we procure.

Aluminum Slitting Capabilities

  • Gauge .032 thru .125

  • Slitting Width 1.00 thru 47.50

  • Standard Width Tolerance +/- .005

  • Minimum Pounds – 100-lbs

  • Inside Diameter – 20-inches

  • Outside Diameter – 64-inches

  • Spacers – Cardboard or Wood

  • Special Packaging – Upon Request – Subject to inquiry

Less Damage and Less Scrap

The tightly wound coils that result from Erickson Metals’ precision slitting consistently create less surface damage, produce less scrap, and are easier to handle.

For precise aluminum slitting, count on Erickson Metals to get the job done. For requesting an order or inquiring more about our capabilities, contact any of our locations.

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  • Aluminum Slitting Colorado, Minnesota & New Mexico

Whatever It Takes

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