While company celebrations are nothing new, the existence of 50-year-old + companies having them, especially privately held ones, is.  Those companies are special, rare, and so are their leaders and employees.  How do you survive economic downturns, the loss of key employees, the loss of clients, buyout offers, etc. etc.!  Erickson Metals has figured it out…….  You roll with the times, you don’t sit idle, never become complacent and most of all, “do what it takes“.


This past weekend, May 20th, Erickson Metals held the last of its 3 locations’ celebrations for its Santa Teresa, NM facility.  Nobody got hurt!  But not to say there was lack of opportunity.  What do you get when you mix desert crossing Polaris RZRS with heavy pedal pushing, sun drenched individuals with visions of a steak and lobster at a historic ranch house restaurant out in the middle of absolutely nowhere?  Well normally one would believe pure chaos but, in this instance, it was organized chaos. Why? Well because we’re Erickson, we do it right!


From its thoughtful inception, you just knew it was going to be fun, laughs were going to be had and sincerity and appreciation would be on display. The only hurting would be from being jostled about endlessly and sore stomach muscles and cheeks (face…..well, maybe the other ones too) from laughing.  It was sunny when we started out and exceptionally dark by the time we returned to our own vehicles.  Good Bye’s and safe travels were exchanged but only after heartfelt expressions of appreciation were exchanged between Troy, Bob, Randy, Marlyn and those who they employ at our location.  I am new here at Erickson Metals……..and I am impressed, with the cohesiveness of our leadership, its communication and its commitment to its customers as well as its employees.  We are all blessed indeed. Here’s to another 50!