Kayd and Lylah Olivas visited their Aunt Lindsey (inside sales representative) at Erickson Metals’ Colorado location during their Spring Break, and were given the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes and tour the facility.

“Wow, this place is huge”, exclaimed Kayd, 10, as they entered the warehouse. Six year-old Lylah compared the height of the material racks to being at least “8 giraffes tall”.

Both Kayd and Lylah were captivated watching the cut-to-length line run. “It was really cool to watch Darryn tip the giant coil and make it in to flat sheets. It was very loud when it was getting straightened out, then cut and especially when it dropped on to pallet!” said Kayd.



“It was really cool to see the big coils of the shiny aluminum that goes on firetrucks” Lylah explained referring to the tread brite. “My favorite part was seeing all of the different sizes of bars and plates. Some of the plate was bigger than both of our hands put together! They put the plate on the giant saw, and it was cut down to smaller pieces. That was really cool to watch!” Kayd said referring to his favorite part of the tour.

Both Kayd and Lylah had fun getting a “behind the scenes look” at Erickson and learning about the different end usages of aluminum. They even received “cool Erickson hats” as souvenirs from Randy Adkisson, Director of Erickson Metals Colorado.