The annual Erickson Metals Winter Management meeting held in beautiful Manchester, Vermont, brought together key figures in the organization for a strategic and engaging session. Led by Troy and Bob, the discussions revolved around market trends, production goals, and innovative approaches to enhance efficiency.  Randy, Director in Colorado, and Corey, our MN Director, presented insightful analyses, while Marlyn, Angela, Cinthia, and Stefanie provided valuable perspectives on customer relations, employee engagement and system consistency.  Each team member, representing different departments, contributed to the collaborative atmosphere with their expertise.  Our goal is to work together to establish a strategic plan to optimize business, leading us to a successful 2024 throughout EMC.

Amidst the business deliberations, the team found a unique way to unwind and foster camaraderie – an exhilarating snowmobile adventure at Lewis Farm.

in Danby, VT.  Embracing the winter setting, they blended work and play, creating a dynamic environment that not only strengthened professional bonds but also added a touch of adventure to the managerial discussions. This winter management meeting not only proved productive in terms of business strategies but also showcased the importance of a balanced  and collaborative approach to leadership.